License Agreement

Effective date: 10 June 2022


Here are the main points of our license that you should pay attention to.

By purchasing a resource ("item" or "file"), you obtain a license to use those files for certain purposes under certain conditions. Ownership remains with Uiscore. You must comply with the terms of our license.

Uiscore uses images and names of third party products. The intellectual property rights in these products (including registered trademarks) belong to their respective owners. We are not affiliated with, affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by product owners.

The Uiscore License grants the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work (“Item”).

You may use our Item in your/your client's personal and commercial projects, but resale and redistribution of our source files is prohibited by our license

Examples of Prohibited Uses

  • You may not include our Items in framework themes that will be sold.
  • You may not redistribute the Item as a stock image or its source files, regardless of any modifications, under any circumstances. In other words, you cannot copy or modify an item and sell it on the marketplace as your own, even if the source files are not included.
  • You may not create a theme, template or derivative work of any product to sell in any market.
  • You may not resell or otherwise distribute downloaded assets in any marketplace, as well as through private channels and bots under any circumstances.
  • You may not use illustrations or images as part of your products or presentations for sale in any market, unless you are the rightful owner/creator.

Permitted Use Examples

  • You can create end products for clients or personal projects.
  • You can license, sub-license and make any number of copies of finished projects for personal use or for clients.
  • You may modify or manipulate the Item. You can combine the Object with other works and create derivative works based on them. The resulting work is subject to the terms of this license.
  • This is a multi-use license, which means you can use the item multiple times across multiple projects.

End Product examples

End Products include but are not limited to: Commercial or personal websites, mobile apps, web apps, games, illustrations, wireframes, presentations and videos.

Other license terms

The author of the Item retains ownership of the Item but grants you the license on these terms. This license is between the author of the Item and you. Uiscore is not a party to this license or the one giving you the license.


We reserve the right to change prices and revise our resource policy at any time.

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